About Us

The Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble has been a part of the cultural life of Regina since the 1930s. While the first Polish immigrants settled in the province in the late 1800s, it was not until 1931, with the building of the first Polish parish in Regina, that the first Polish folk dance group (St. Anthony’s Polish Dancers) was born. Ever since its conception, the dance group has provided a strong sense of home and belonging for many Polish-Canadian families, as well as others, amidst the vast Saskatchewan prairie. While the ensemble continues to change and grow in response to the demands of a changing population and province, Polonia remains an integral part of the cultural fabric of Saskatchewan.

In 1970 the group formally changed its name from St. Anthony’s Polish Dancers to Polonia Dance Ensemble and has used this date to mark the group’s anniversary. Over the last ten decades, the group has flourished, amassing a collection of Polish folk costumes and music, and an extensive repertoire of dances. The past 50 years have seen Polonia travel and perform across Canada, the USA, and Poland. The members of the ensemble continue to share their love for Polish folk culture through song, music, and dance and continue to perform for audiences in Canada and internationally.